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Preparation: Any left-over wax is removed from the candle forms before each use and they are then placed in the racks where they are fitted with wicks.

Pouring: The pure paraffin is melted in large cauldrons and the colour pigments are then added and mixed in by hand according to our recipe. Only with this care and precision can a luminous and thoroughly coloured candle be guaranteed, as well as our variety of vibrant colours. Once the wax has reached the correct temperature it is then poured into the forms. Different pouring techniques can be used here to produce a variety of surface structures and effects (a frosted or smooth surface, clouds and more). The unique composition of different types of paraffin, along with our special pouring technique give Maria Buytaert Candles their unique look and cause them to "bloom" as they burn.

Cooling and Re-pouring: In order for a single, large air pocket to develop, the candles must cool down evenly. This air pocket is then filled in a second pouring. These steps are repeated several times until the candle is entirely solid. Depending on the type of candle, the air temperature and the exact specifications of the paraffin, the production of a Maria Buytaert candle can take up to 2-3 days.

Completion and Testing: After the candles have completely cooled down, they are removed from the form and inspected closely. A minimum of one candle per lot is lit and burnt completely in order to make sure that it meets the strict RAL quality requirements. Only once the candles have passed this final inspection can they be called a Maria Buytaert candle and help bring a little more light into the world.