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The quality of Maria Buytaert Candles is certified by the RAL Quality Mark. We have achieved this distinction by living up to our own, high standards, as well as by undergoing regular, rigorous testing by the DEKRA.
This comprehensive testing starts with the raw materials, all of which must meet strict health and environmental provisions. During production, at least one candle per lot is burnt completely in order to ensure that it complies with the high Maria Buytaert candle standards and that it meets the requirements set by the RAL Quality Mark.
Only once a candle has passed all this testing can it be sold as a genuine Maria Buytaert Candle. When developing new products, we pay particular attention to reproducible processes
so that we can guarantee a continuous level of excellent workmanship.

RAL Quality Mark
It is not difficult to lose track in the oversupplied candle market. How do you recognize quality? What must a consumer always keep in mind? This is where the RAL Quality Mark for candles comes in!

What is the RAL Quality Mark and what does it stand for?
It stands for confirmed security and quality. It was founded in order to noticeably document the measurable quality of products and is certified by the independent examiners of the DEKRA. It serves as a piece of evidence for health and environmentally friendly products. It stands for the commitment to complying with wide ranging and demanding criterions of quality. It is relevant for aware consumers, for whom true quality overrides low prices.

Which products are allowed to have the Quality Mark?
A manufacturer is only allowed to mark his product with the RAL seal once it has undergone and passed an admission examination. The examination rules are specific, objective and precisely defined. In addition, the manufacturer commits himself to regular monitoring of his product, in order to guarantee permanent levels of high quality.

The First Inspection
The candles to be tested must be taken from the running production process. The burning time and behaviour during combustion are checked in great detail. The raw materials used are also inspected closely, as sulphur and other emissions cannot exceed a strict limit.  For example, the amount of heavy metals must lie considerably beneath that of the European norm for children’s toys: EN 71.

Self Monitoring
This ensures a stable and reliable level of quality. The manufacturer must continuously control his own products. This also includes regular combustion tests under the same strict standards as in the admission examination. The candles taken from the production process must of course produce just as little smoke and soot and be just as drop resistant and environmentally friendly as the original tested specimen.

External Monitoring
At least once a year the production process is inspected by a neutral expert.

What does the RAL Quality Mark for candles promise?
Products carrying the mark will burn evenly and without dripping when placed in the correct environment. Provided that a time is given, the consumer can be sure that the candle will burn as long as stated on the packaging. The Candle Quality Mark does not only guarantee a good external appearance; also shape, colour tones, measurements and wick condition are equally focused on. Candles with the Quality Mark produce exceptionally low levels of soot and only smoulder for a short time after extinguishing. They do not release critical levels of Dioxides and PAHs (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). The manufacturers are obliged not to use any polluting raw materials or health damaging candle colours and varnishes. Therefore the sulphur and heavy metal content is exceptionally low. Furthermore, the Quality Mark prohibits the use of so called Azo-colours, which release carcinogenic aromatic amines.

Raw materials approved by the RAL seal: so that the candle burns best!

Wicks tested against burning: so that soot production stays at a minimum!

Testing of all ingredients: all with the health of the consumer and the environment in mind!

Candles with the Quality Mark have no disadvantage.

Take a look at the official certificate.