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Workday at Maria Buytaert Candles

Our production workers start preparing for the candle production between 6 and 7am. Such preparations include:

  • Heating the wax tanks
  • Mixing colours or
  • Preparing the candle forms (removing left over wax etc.)

The shipping department starts work at around 7am, stocking up shelves and distributing orders, preparing and packing them.
From 8am onwards our customer service team is available on the phone to take up orders and tend to individual queries.
Between 9 and 10am we have a communal breakfast which simultaneously serves as a time to discuss internal matters and to coordinate customers’ special orders, as well as other work procedures.
Our working hours are flexible and vary seasonally, thus allowing the mothers, for example, to pick up and take care of their children from 2pm onwards. This is enabled particularly due to the excellent communication and sense of collective responsibility present in our company.
The hardened candles are then either directly brought to the shipping department or temporarily stored in our warehouse, but only once they have undergone a final quality inspection.
The candle packages are then picked up at around 4pm by the post or forwarding companies. During the busy Christmas season this happens several times a day.
Work in the office ends at 4pm with the processing of final incoming orders and in our factory outlet the last customers are served until 5pm.