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It’s happening.. our candles return to their origin!

Dear loyal customer,
the production of our candles has now moved to the home of the Buytaert family in Belgium and brand new stock is already waiting to be dispatched!
I am delighted that my niece Inge-Lise will hence-forth be representing this much-loved family product.
You will find in her an excellent, dynamic candle manufacturer who shares my passion for unrivalled quality and craftsmanship.
Hurray! My candles will continue to exist!
Warmest regards,
Maria Buytaert


Dear Maria Buytaert Customers,
My Company Ilyvero was founded in 2005, when I took over the candle manufacture from my mother Ingrid Buytaert. Her ‘Bika Candles’ have been on the market since 1969 and are mostly known in Begium and The Netherlands.
This summer I took on Maria’s candle production in addition, and it is with pleasure that I now offer both lines of candles alongside each other:
The ‘Bika Candle’ with its distinctively textured ‘iced’ surface finish
The ‘Maria Buytaert Candle’ with its smoother, more even patterning Both lines will retain the same quality, size and colour spectrum as before. You can order using the same order form and colour-codes. Should you no longer have the form, I will gladly send one to you per e-mail.
 Scented candles are due to be back for sale in 2019.
I am available to answer any of your queries in the following languages: English, French and Dutch. For all other languages, please kindly send your query in an email and we will contact you in your language. Maria and her team will continue to work alongside me until December 2018.
As of the 1st November 2018 you will be able to enjoy an updated website in 5 languages:

I greatly look forward to working with you in the future,
With Best Wishes,

Welcome to the Maria Buytaert Candles

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For 20 years we have been producing our handcrafted candles to the highest standards and quality. We make no compromises when it comes to the safety and well-being of our consumers and work team.

Our materials are of the highest calibre. All our candles therefore carry the RAL seal of quality. Here we believe that innovation and tradition go hand in hand, and this is reflected in our wide range of products.

Our company has received numerous awards for its outstanding working conditions and positive working atmosphere. To find out more about the Maria Buytaert candle factory, why not have a look at our company profile as well as our guiding principles.